Amateur Economists’ Maiden Voyage into Blawg Review

The current issue of Blawg Review is up at the IP ADR Blog. Our articles on “Why We Are Too Rational to Stop Polluting, Part 2″ by Bhagwad Jal Park and “How Telemedicine Can Actually Work” by Dr. J.C. are included.

I actually submitted a different article to be reviewed, but it isn’t included. So, I’m not sure if the editors themselves chose the above articles or if another Amateur Economists reader or readers submitted them. Either way, thank you to everyone who made AE’s participation in this week’s BR possible. Thank you especially to hosts Victoria Pynchon and the other authors at the IP ADR Blog for an excellent job in hosting this week’s BR and for including our articles.

The theme this week is “virgins”:

…IP [intellectual property] is all about ‘the very first time,’ the ‘aha’ moment, the creative spark that gives rise to previously undreamed imaginings.

This is also the first time the IP ADR Blog is hosting BR.

Coincidentally, this is Amateur Economists‘ first time to be included in BR.

So, “virgins” is a very fitting theme, indeed.

Remember to check out this week’s Blawg Review. You can also visit past issues at its website.

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